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Company Standards and Expectations

Zig Zag Express expects that at all times each and every employee, at all levels, will act in a manner that brings credit to their self and the Company.

Attendances The company expects all employees to attend their place of duty on time.

Representative of the Company Each employee is a representative of Zig Zag Express and is expected to act in a manner befitting the company image. Any driver complaints are to be made direct to the Manager (NOT TO OUR CLIENTS).

Dress Code All Drivers are required to be neat and tidy at all times. The Image presented by our Drivers is the image our customers see as that of the company and our clients. Shirts and steel capped boots are to be worn and should be clean at the start of your working day.

Behaviour It is a requirement of this organisation that all employees show polite and well mannered attitudes to management, other employees, customers and the general public at all times. Under no circumstance is abusive or other impolite language to be used.

Team Work Successful organisations depend on teamwork from all staff. This organisation is fully aware of the need to work to as a team and feels confident that our staff will have this attitude.

Telephone Courtesy It is an essential part of our Customer/Public Relations that all telephone callers are treated with courtesy, and irrespective of the nature of their call given a polite and understanding reply. Any complaint calls must be directed to the Manager.

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