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Facts: Hydration is the process of replacing water in the body. Good hydration is especially important if you are active in the heat. During hot and humid weather, the risk of dehydration increases, and it will affect your physical and mental abilities. Dehydration and heat-related illnesses include cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. In severe cases, dehydration can be life-threatening. You need to consume approximately 2-3 litres of water per day, and more if physically active or in warmer conditions (depending on the individual and the environment). Drinking water helps replenish the fluids lost by excessive sweating. If you don't get enough water, you may become dehydrated, and the combination of hot temperatures and dehydration can lead to serious heat-related illnesses.

Risk Awareness: Dehydration can affect your mental and physical abilities, increasing the risk of illness, injury or incident. Signs of dehydration include tiredness, headaches, dizziness and dry mouth.

Risk Controls: • Maintain water intake; • Avoid caffeine, teas and soft drinks, and

• Know the signs of dehydration.

Safe Behaviour: STOP, Think and Plan to be safe;

STAY hydrated by regularly drinking water; PLAN ahead and ensure you have enough water for your run, and SPEAK UP and look out for each other.

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